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Shafaf Building Cleaning Services LLC is a full-service company that provides a comprehensive range of solutions for buildings and properties in Sharjah, Dubai, and in other Emirates of the UAE. We service residential and commercial properties with cost-effective, affordable, and reliable services that deliver superior value for money.

For a quick and accessible clean, there is one name you can always count on – Shafaf Cleaning.

External Building Cleaning Services in Dubai and Sharjah

As one of the leading external building cleaning companies in Dubai today, we believe in providing services that bring value to our clients. Our company is fully committed to addressing our customers’ needs through innovative solutions that are not only sustainable and safe, but dependable and efficient. We can provide cleaning solutions for the following areas of application:

Roof Access Cleaning, Building facades, Glass panels, Villa windows, Glass windows, Cladding, Roofs, Floors, Sheets and Signage

We can deliver a deep and intensive clean for entire buildings, from top to bottom. We can also scale down our services for villas and properties of similar size. With our flexibility, we are capable of cleaning properties of every size. Whether you own a residential building in Sharjah or a commercial building in Dubai, Shafaf Cleaning can help you.

Innovative and Versatile Cleaning Solutions for Quick Service Delivery

Unlike other cleaning companies in Sharjah and Dubai, we use a Water Fed Pole System. This technology allows us to clean entire buildings with extreme efficiency. Using just 100 per cent water, we wash and clean cladding, facades, walls, glass panels, and windows. Through this process, we eliminate operational hazards, as we no longer need to use elevated platforms to reach high places. More importantly, we reduce overhead costs without the use of expensive lifting machinery, which translates to cost-savings for clients.

Give your building or villa a satisfying clean

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We Wash and Clean Commercial Buildings | Residential Villas| Facade | Glass | Cladding

Signage | External | Internal Windows | Balconies | Floors

Outside Window Cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning is a ladderless window cleaning solution for both domestic and industrial window cleaning needs. It is an environmentally friendly window cleaning solution as it uses natural filtered water and no chemicals.

To keep the water as clean and fresh as possible we empty the tanks daily and we change the water filters on a regular basis as well.

We clean window sills before we clean the windows

The water fed pole can extend and retract as required to reach any windows up to windows from ground level.

Your Privacy is Important

Using the water fed pole window cleaning system means no-one will be looking in at the window.

Even velux windows and other hard to reach places are accessible with our extendable water fed pole window cleaning system.</>

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