Shafaf building cleaning services LLC import a new technology from Europe for Commercial and Residential buildings cleaning / washing. We clean glass, façade, windows, cladding, walls, sheets, roof, floor and signage from ground floor without using scaffolding, cradle or rope access. We can wash full building or villa up to 25 meters from ground floor without using cradle or rope access. We clean / Wash up to 25 meters high building from ground floor with the help of water fed pole system. We use 100% pure water using RO and DI system installed in van. We use chemicals as per the building glass and façade condition.

We don’t compromise in quality without considering the price. We don’t give chance to receive a complaint from client. Our staff is professional and understands the proper way of cleaning or washing buildings and villas. We do our best to satisfy our clients to the fullest and can repeat the whole building if client complain. We offer one time, weekly, monthly or annual cleaning contract as per our client requirements.

We believe in never ending business relationship that’s why providing reasonable price. Our cleaning system is unique and no use of expensive lifting equipments like Boom lift, Crane, Cradle, rope access, scaffolding or other expensive lifting equipment. We are cleaning buildings or villas using water fed pole system from ground floor which is risk free, environmentally friendly and cost effective in form of price and water usage.

Water fed pole is very perfect cleaning system for full building cleaning, full villa cleaning, building glass and façade cleaning and villa glass cleaning. We use 100% pure water with RO and DI system, machinery is installed in a Van with telescopic poles which doesn’t need anything from client. Each telescopic pole is 25 meters long having high pressure hose pipe inside, at the top gooseneck with fine brush. We can install water jet at the top of the brush for full building washing or villa washing. We apply chemicals for very dirty building for perfect results.

This cleaning system is better than conventional squeegee and mop cleaning system because it’s washing the whole windows, frames, façade and walls