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About Us

Who are we?

Shafaf Cleaning Services LLC was launched in 2014. We are one of the leading cleaning companies in the UAE providing a range of building cleaning services. We have a team of experts who leave no stone unturned in providing detailed building and villa cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah. Our expert workers use cutting-edge technology and smart methods to wash both skyscraper buildings and villas efficiently.

Why choose us?

Responsive team ​

Responsive team

You would find our team highly responsive and quick. We treat our customers efficiently.

Professional workers​

Professional workers

Our professional workers stay dedicated to their jobs and bring the best out of buildings and villas.

Environment Friendly Work​

Environment Friendly Work

We make sure to deliver eco-friendly services while reducing the effects on the environment.

Efficient work​

Efficient work

The work of Shafaf Cleaning is always appreciated by the clients. Their appreciation is our biggest asset.

Our Brand Story

Shafaf Cleaning was launched with the aim to revolutionise the washing and cleaning of buildings and villas with the use of the latest technology. We aim to scrub windows and facades of skyscrapers using safe and eco-friendly methods. We want to build a never-ending business relationship with our clients and thus offer them top-notch services at highly reasonable rates. 

Our Team

The team of Shafaf Cleaning consists of professional cleaners, skilled equipment operators, trained safety inspectors, and responsible team leaders and trainers. Together they all work to bring the best work for our clients. We have successfully polished and cleaned a range of villas, homes, commercial and residential buildings. 

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