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Do you own a building in Dubai and are looking for a responsible cleaning company that helps you make it look tidy? Shafaf Cleaning is the answer. We have the skills, the experience, and the machines to bring noticeable changes in buildings. We provides top-notch Building Cleaning Service in Dubai and Sharjah.

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Make your buildings shine with our Building Cleaning service in Dubai & Sharjah

The business hub of Dubai is known for its busy commercial buildings. These buildings need to look clean and polished to attract the attention of potential customers, tenants, and stakeholders. Thus being a building owner you must be looking for a company that offers detailed building cleaning service in Dubai. We are a renowned name in the industry and are known as the best cleaning company in UAE. We have been offering top-quality services for almost a decade. Our workers can wash skyscrapers using safe and eco-friendly methods. We offer detailed cleaning services for the building’s interior as well. 

So pick up your phone, book a session, and transform your buildings

How Else Do We Serve the People of Dubai?

At Shafaf Cleaning we offer other specialized facilities for buildings and villas. With the following services, we ensure hygiene and a clean environment for our clients:

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

No need to search for a deep cleaning company near me! Shafaf Cleaning is here to rescue you. The deep cleaning services by the team of Shafaf Cleaning will ensure your home, offices, and villas look 100% perfect.

Glass Cleaning

Glass Cleaning

Why are you still looking for a glass roof cleaning company in Dubai? Shafaf Cleaning is here for you. The team of Shafaf Cleaning leaves no stone unturned in making clients satisfied.

Move-in Cleaning

Move-in Cleaning

Are you hunting for a move-in cleaning service near me? Shafaf Cleaning is here to make a difference. Our team has the knowledge, skills, and experience to deliver the best results for customers.

Villas cleaning

Villas Cleaning

Stop looking for a villa cleaning service, in Dubai! Shafaf Cleaning is here to rescue you. The workers of Shafaf Cleaning sweep each corner of villas ensuring rooms, kitchens, and living areas look perfect.

glass cleaning

Window Cleaning

No need to search for window cleaning Dubai! Shafaf Cleaning is here to rescue you. Our staff uses the best wiping cloths and pressure water tools to make windows shine. Book our services now.

Sanitization Services

Sanitization Services

Keeping homes and offices sanitized to enjoy a better lifestyle. You can live a much healthier life by availing of our top-notch sanitization services in Dubai & Sharjah. Our team uses the best chemicals to make it happen.

Rope Access Cleaning

Rope Access Cleaning

Stop looking for a rope access cleaning company in Sharjah and Dubai! Shafaf Cleaning is here to rescue you. Our skilled workers offer a range of facilities using the best equipment to ensure our customers are satisfied.

facade cleaning

Facade Cleaning

You must stop searching for a facade cleaning company near me! Shafaf Cleaning is here to rescue you. We have the workforce, equipment, and experience to make sure everything looks good.

Our Building Cleaning Services includes:

At Shafaf Cleaning we perform the following tasks in our building cleaning services:

Removing Dust

Removing Dust

The process begins with the removal of dust and stains from the walls and facade of buildings using soft fabric. The team ensures there are no scratches left.

roof cleaning

Roof cleaning

Our team pays special attention to the roof. Using the right detergents and pressure water techniques each corner is cleaned including the floor and reeling.

Window Scrubbing

Windows Scrubbing

Windows are then scrubbed softly by our workers. They use the best chemicals and absorbing fabric to make windows look tidy and clean without damaging it.

Facade Washing

Facade washing

The facade of the building should be perfectly cleaned for a better first impression. We use a water-fed pole system to deep clean the facades of buildings.

What We Offer

We make sure our clients are happy by providing long-lasting cleaning solutions. Our cleaning services are excellent and offer many benefits:

  • Our expert cleaners work all across Dubai.
  • You can hire skilled professionals to clean your Building.
  • We provide high-quality Building cleaning services.
  • You’ll receive the best cleaning services.
  • We also offer end-of-lease cleaning.
  • Our deep cleaning services are affordable.

How Do We Clean Skyscrapers?

Cleaning skyscrapers is a hard and risky task. At Shafaf Cleaning we use the following safe and reliable methods to ensure the complete safety of our workers:

Water Fed Pole

Water Fed Pole System

The system allows the cleaning of tall buildings using water-fed poles. They allow workers to clean glass and windows by supplying fresh water continuously. For more stubborn grimes and dirt stains the system provides steam as well.

Rope Access Cleaning

Rope Access Cleaning

Water-fed poles help remove stains when facilitated by reliable and safe rope access. The workers are securely attached with a rope that allows them to move up and down freely. This method proves to be even more useful for buildings that are built on a complicated design.

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Certificate & Approvals

Certificate & Approvals

Frequently Asked Questions

Shafaf Cleaning is a renowned cleaning company for buildings. We provide efficient services in both Dubai and Sharjah. Book now to get commercial and residential buildings cleaned. 

Shafaf Cleaning is the cheapest building cleaning company. We offer top-quality building cleaning services in Dubai.

At Shafaf Building Cleaning, our team provides a range of services including glass scrubbing, window washing, and interior sanitization. 

At Shafaf Cleaning we offer building interior and exterior cleaning facilities at highly reasonable rates. 

You can make a booking for a building cleaning service in Jebel Ali by giving Shahf Cleaning a call and booking the slot that suits you the best.