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At Shafaf Cleaning we are well aware of the significance of maintaining cleanliness. We strive hard to turn each neighborhood and commercial hub in Dubai and Sharjah perfectly sanitized. So that people can enjoy a more healthy lifestyle. The deep cleaning services by our team in Dubai and Sharjah ensures each corner of homes, offices, and villas looks picture-perfect. Our services enhance the aesthetic appearance of your homes and offices as well. 

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Our Quality Deep Cleaning Services For Villas, Buildings And Homes in Dubai & Sharjah

Who does not desire to own clean and well-sanitized buildings and villas? Cities like Dubai and Sharjah are notorious for their catastrophic dust storms and sandstorms opening a doorway for mud and dirt to reach villas and buildings. These storms not only impact the exterior of buildings but also produce layers of dust on the interior. Furniture, walls and decoration items get covered with mud and dust. Such an unhygienic lifestyle not only diminishes the interior decor of commercial and residential areas but also leads to serious health troubles. These layers of mud and dirt cannot be wiped through ordinary sweeping and demand deep cleaning by professionals. At Shafaf Cleaning, we have workers who offer villa deep cleaning service in Dubai and Sharjah efficiently. Call now, make a booking, and improve your lifestyle. 

How Else Do We Serve the People of Dubai And Sharjah?

At Shafaf Cleaning we offer other specialized facilities for buildings and villas. With deep Cleaning service, we ensure hygiene and a clean environment for our clients:

Glass Cleaning

Glass Cleaning

Glass windows and walls increase the aesthetics of villas and buildings.These well-designed structures need to have high-level glass cleaning to stay visually pleasing for a long time.

Move-in Cleaning

Move-in Cleaning

You no longer have to panic because of the hectic process of shifting. We are here to rescue you with our efficient and quick move-in cleaning services. So book now to make your new apartment look tidy.

Villas cleaning

Villas Cleaning

Are you looking for villa cleaning in Dubai? Well stop searching!! Shafaf Cleaning is your ultimate destination. Give us a call and hire our well-certified team. One session with our team would transform your villa.

glass cleaning

Window Cleaning

Windows allow natural light to illuminate buildings and villas. They fail to perform their function if a layer of dust and mud has covered them. At Shafaf, our team of experts offer the best window cleaning in Dubai.

Sanitization Services

Sanitization Services

Are you looking for a company that offers best disinfection services?. You can live a much healthier life by availing our top-notch sanitization services in Dubai & Sharjah. Our team uses the best chemicals to make it happen.

Rope Access Cleaning

Rope Access Cleaning

Our team offers perfectly safe and reliable Rope access cleaning services. It brings the best results. Our workers have a strong grip over all the machines and equipment used. Book now to see the magic.

Building Cleaning Service

Building Cleaning Service

Building Cleaning services is our speciality. You can trust our team with your building. Make a booking with us now to own a lush and aesthetically attractive building in a commercial hub like Jebel Ali.

facade cleaning

Facade Cleaning

For a building to look aesthetically pleasing it’s exterior must be perfectly cleaned. Washing tall buildings can be hard and risky but not for the team of Shafaf Cleaning. We offer the best facade cleaning in town.

What Makes Us The Top Deep Cleaning Company In Dubai & Sharjah?

Clean each corner

Clean each corner

Our cleaning staff scrubs each corner including balconies, kitchens, and bathrooms of your home ensuring a sanitized and lush appearance of houses, villas, and buildings.

best washing tools

Best washing tools

At Shafaf Cleaning we use the best tools & detergents to scrub & rinse, ensuring that the smooth and luxurious interior of buildings, houses, and villas is not damaged.

Say goodbye

Say goodbye to stains

Rigid & stubborn stains are a big turn-off and diminish the appearance of villas & buildings. Our deep cleaning services would allow you to say goodbye to muddy spots everywhere.


Eco-friendly option

The world needs to shift towards eco-friendly alternatives for a safe and better future. Shafaf Cleaning offers deep cleaning in Dubai & Sharjah without making a compromise on sustainability.

What We offer

We make sure our clients are happy by giving them cleaning solutions that last a long time. Our cleaning services are really good and help us in many ways:

  • Our cleaning experts work all over Dubai and Sharjah.
  • You can hire skilled people to clean your home in Dubai.
  • We offer top-notch deep cleaning services in Dubai.
  • You’ll get the best cleaning services in Dubai.
  • Our deep cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah are affordable.

Why do You Need Deep Cleaning Services:

Shafaf Cleaning is a leading deep cleaning company in Dubai. Our deep Cleaning service can help you in the following ways: 


Removes dust

It removes dust from your homes, villas, apartments, and offices. Dust can cause people to get sick more often.

Prevention of germs​

Prevention of germs

Deep cleaning can allow homes and offices to prevent the spread of germs and harmful micro-organisms. These services can help you live a more healthy life.

clean kitchen

Clean floor, kitchen, and restroom

Deep cleaning services make everything in your home look tidy. It not only makes a good impression on others but also makes you feel better.

smilig homes

Better smelling homes

Lastly, regular deep cleaning services allow homes and offices to smell good. Accidental food spills and debris produce bad odor. Deep cleaning gets rid of it efficiently.

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Certificate & Approvals

Certificate & Approvals

Frequently Asked Questions

Deep cleaning packages at Shafaf Cleaning, including washing balconies and rallies, scrubbing windows, maintaining air ducts and filters, mopping the bathroom, sanitizing kitchen counters, and rinsing cabinets, wardrobes, and doors. The packages can be customized as per your needs. 

You might want to get villa deep cleaning services, dubai as per your needs. Most people make a booking for villa cleaning four times a year. 

The duration of deep cleaning depends upon factors like the size of the building and the condition of the area. The workers of Shafaf Cleaning are highly efficient and use the best technology to ensure quick service.

At Shafaf Cleaning we offer the best cleaning services. The procedure of making a booking with Shafaf for deep cleaning services is immensely easy. You can get a quote by giving us a call or sending us a message. The request can be made through our website as well.

While the rates may vary throughout Dubai, Shafaf Cleaning is famous for its reasonable deep cleaning services for both commercial and residential buildings among the masses.