Sanitization and disinfection service in Dubai

Home, office and warehouse sanitization and disinfection 

A home or office is a place where you find peace, comfort, and safety in an environment that is ideally more caring and soothing than other places. Have you ever imagined your home is always vulnerable that can make you sick? What if a place of comfort and peace turns into a place of risk for your health? That is why cleanliness becomes an essential part of homes and offices.

What do we do?

We are providing sanitization service and disinfection service for the last couple of years winning the trust of thousands of home and office owners in Dubai and other emirates of UAE. We have developed a strong mechanism of sanitization and disinfection that is more effective to get rid of germs, bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses. Shafaf cleaning has the equipment and formula that ensures the best sanitization service in Dubai and the best disinfection service in Dubai.

Why now

In the wake of the situation created by COVID-19, people have become home ridden due to lockdown all over the world. Shafaf Cleaning is now more keen and swift in providing its services for homes and offices in Dubai and the UAE. Summer in UAE has already approached, which, on one hand, has further limited the possibility of outdoor activities, consequently, people are compelled to spend more time indoors. On the other hand, the warm climate increases the chances of growth of bacteria, viruses, fungus molds, and foul smell. We are determined to fight against all these more effectively than before. Our service becomes more acceptable and in demand for the reason that we never compromise on the quality of the product and service we provide. Our products are certified while our team members are qualified with knowledge and experience in sanitization and disinfection.

Sanitization and disinfection of homes

We make sure to sanitize every component of rooms and bedroom including cupboards, cabinets, beds, windows, doors, door and window knobs, switches, furniture, and other tangible stuff. Having more exposure and vulnerability to germs, there is an extra dose for washrooms, toilets, and bathrooms. And, the same applies to the kitchen, where we disinfect and sanitize stoves, cabinets, washing basins, knobs, and all those areas where there is a chance of dwelling of germs and viruses that humans could touch them or come in contact with them. Balconies, roofs, corridors, aisles, and gardens are also sanitized and disinfected.

Sanitization of offices

Your office is the brand that generates an income for you, but, be careful, it may also be a source of disease and health threat. Shafaf Cleaning has the experience of sanitizing and disinfecting offices in Dubai. Hands go over things and touch in office several times more than any other place. This means that furniture, pieces of equipment, tools, machines, doors, windows, and even the air are required to keep clean and away from any sort of germs and viruses. That is the job that we do.

Live healthy NOW

Shafaf cleaning is 24/7 available to assist you to answer your queries to provide you the best sanitization service in Dubai and the best disinfection service in Dubai. Do you need services of sanitization company Dubai or a disinfection company in Dubai? Our team is ready to serve you at the earliest