Elevate Health and Safety: Premier Sanitization & Disinfection Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Our Sanitization services are best for homes and offices. The team has in-depth knowledge of disinfecting agents and uses them skillfully to get rid of viruses, bacteria, and other germs making your homes and offices safe.  We provide top-notch Sanitization & Disinfection Services in Dubai & Sharjah.

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Best Sanitization And Disinfection Services in Dubai and Sharjah For Home And Offices

Shafaf Cleaning is a renowned name that has been offering sanitization and disinfection services for a decade. We have a team of cleaners that has the expertise to skillfully disinfect homes and offices using chemicals. Our proven method gets rid of germs, bacteria, and viruses allowing residents to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. We use biodegradable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly chemicals to deep clean homes and offices. At Shafaf Cleaning we also provide carpet and mattress sanitizing service. Our team is highly professional and arrives right on time. Through the use of advanced tools, we serve our clients efficiently. So make a booking our sanitization and disinfection service to get your workplace and residential areas disinfected. 

How Else Do We Serve the People of Dubai And Sharjah?

At Shafaf Cleaning we offer other specialized facilities for buildings and villas. With the following services, we ensure hygiene and a clean environment for our clients:

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Offices, homes and villas need detailed cleaning services to appear clean and appealing. With our deep cleaning service in Dubai and Sharjah, you can make each part of your apartment, villa, and office shine. Get our services now.

Glass Cleaning

Glass Cleaning

We offer high-level glass cleaning services using the best equipment in the market. The efficient services offered by our skilled workers ensure there are no scratches or water spots left on your glass.

Move-in Cleaning

Move-in Cleaning

It can be tiring to clean new homes and apartments. We make move-in easy and relaxing by offering the best cleaning services in town. Get our move in cleaning service now.

Villas cleaning

Villas Cleaning

Owning a big villa is a dream for everyone. Though cleaning this spacious home does become a trouble for the owners. Book with us now to get tension-free and enjoy the best villa cleaning in Dubai.

glass cleaning

Window Cleaning

Who does not like peering through windows to enjoy the beautiful view of the city? Dusty windows stop you from doing it. Enjoying the crystal clear view of the outside by getting our window cleaning services.

facade cleaning

Facade Cleaning

The facade is often the first visual impression people have of a building. Layers of dust on it can spoil its appearance. Our facade cleaning services ensure our clients have lush and aesthetic buildings.

Rope Access Cleaning

Rope Access Cleaning

We have the best tools and advanced machines to ensure reliable and safe cleaning for buildings. The workers are well-skilled with rope access cleaning methods and use it efficiently.

Building Cleaning Service

Building Cleaning Service

From commercial skyscrapers to residential buildings, Shafaf Cleaning offers building cleaning services. Make a booking with us now to make your building look spotless in a commercial hub like Jebel Ali.

Our Sanitization & Disinfection Services Process

The disinfection process at Shafaf Cleaning consists of the following four important steps:

Booking A Session

Booking a session

The process of disinfection and sanitization begins with you making a booking with Shafaf Cleaning. Give us a call, provide your address, and get booked.

liquid spray

Spraying liquid

Next, we spray the rooms and living area with sanitizing liquid and leave it to dry. Points like door knobs, countertops, and tables are given extra attention.

cleaning the area

Cleaning the area

The team reaches the office/villa with the necessary tool kit required for sanitization. We first clean and mop the floor, walls, and furniture to get rid of dust and dirt.

Wiping Wet Area

Wiping wet Area

Lastly, we wipe all the sprayed areas to ensure no chemical is left behind. At Shafaf Cleaning we ensure perfectly disinfected homes and offices for our client's safety.

Our Offering

We make sure our customers are happy and provide cleaning solutions that last a long time. Our cleaning services are very good and help us in many ways:

  • Our cleaning experts work all around Dubai.
  • You can hire skilled people to clean your home in Dubai and Sharjah.
  • We offer excellent cleaning services in Dubai.
  • You will receive the best Sanitization & Disinfection Service in Dubai.
  • We also do end-of-lease cleaning.
  • Our Sanitization & Disinfection Service in Dubai are affordable.

Why Do You Need Sanitization Services?

Sanitization services by Shafaf Cleaning can help people in the following ways

Say goodbye to Germs

Say goodbye to Germs

A detailed sanitization and disinfection session by our team can allow you to say goodbye to germs and microorganisms, providing you with a hygienic lifestyle.

lesser disease

Lesser chances of diseases

Elimination of germs and microorganisms from homes and offices means there are fewer chances for you to come into contact with pathogens that can make you sick. Thus you can enjoy a healthier life.


Protect young

If you have infants in your homes, you must get disinfection services. Newborn babies are more prone to the attacks by germs and viruses. Sanitization services produce a safe environment for babies.

Get rid of brbad odor

Get rid of
bad odor

The sanitization services allow homes and offices to get rid of bad odor. Most of the time it is caused due to germs and bacteria. Disinfection by Shafaf can eliminate them and provide people with a pleasant environment.

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Certificate & Approvals

Frequently Asked Questions

At Shafaf Cleaning we offer sanitization services at highly reasonable rates both in Dubai and Sharjah to maintain the healthy lifestyle of people. 

Shafaf Cleaning has extensive experience in sanitizing and disinfecting homes and offices in Dubai and Sharjah. Book our services to get the best results. 

The duration of the disinfection service depends upon the area of the house /office that is being sanitized. The services provided by the workers of Shafaf Cleaning usually take 40 minutes for a two-bedroom apartment. We ensure quick disinfection so that the client’s daily routine is not compromised. 

At Shafaf Cleaning we use safe chemicals for disinfection that are not only non-toxic but also a biodegradable and eco-friendly option.

At Shafaf Cleaning we use both chemicals and steam to disinfect homes.