Window Cleaning

One of the premier window cleaning companies in Dubai

Shafaf Cleaning stands as the most trusted name when it comes to washing and cleaning windows. We offer intensive and in-depth cleaning services at highly competitive rates, making us the preferred choice among houses and businesses in both Sharjah and Dubai.

Safe, quick, and effective window cleaning services

The typical process among window washing companies is to use some soap and a squeegee to wash down windows. Our company utilises a water-based process that does not involve the use of toxic chemicals. We employ a water fed pole system that allows us to use pressurised water to get rid of dust, grit, bird droppings, and dirt from the surface of a window, without necessarily using any kind of solution.

Augmented by an RO and DI system, our water fed pole technology enables us to clean any window from up high without using any scaffolding or lifting equipment. This translates to faster service times, as we no longer have to set-up complicated elevated platforms or transport heavy hydraulic lifts to clean a façade or a window. Beyond delivering a quick service, our minimal use of equipment translates to our competitive rates, leading to incredible cost-savings for our clients in Sharjah and Dubai.

In extreme cases, our team may apply a solution to clean a window or a façade. However, before we do so, we will carefully analyse the condition and the material makeup of your window to ensure that it does not get damaged. By combining cost-effective services with eco-friendly and sustainable practices, we are able to deliver safe, fast, and affordable solutions to customers.

Personalise our window cleaning services in Dubai and Sharjah to meet your exact need

With Shafaf Cleaning, you can customise your window cleaning service package according to your budget and requirements. Whether your windows need monthly, weekly, or daily servicing, our team has the flexibility to adapt to your requirements.

For clean and spotless windows and glass panels, partner with one of the leading window cleaning companies in both Sharjah and Dubai today. Get in touch with us and talk to one of our customer support staff to know more.